How is someone with a broken English exotic? Do you know how hard it is for my mom to try to get someone to understand her when I’m not by her side translating and speaking for her, do you know how hard it is for her to go to the store and buy the wrong products because she can’t read the English labels? Do you know how sad it is to hear your own mother tell you she feels like a burden because she needs you to translate everything for her, so don’t ever tell me you want an Asian girlfriend with broken English because it’s “exotic” because that’s rude, offensive and hurtful.

me talking to another coworker: so Linda says hi.

coworker: oh what’s up with her? Is she still in school?

me: yeah she’s going to beauty school to do hair now.

Lonnell: is she Asian?

me: does that matter?

Lonnell: if she is then you’re setting yourself up for a joke that I have in mind

me: I don’t get what’s funny if she happens to be Asian and does hair for a living

Lonnell: *chuckles* never mind

He really wants me to report him or something because I’m not amused.

coworker: crystal you know I’m right, Laotian people aren’t real Asians.

me: Lonnell wtf are you trying to explain now….. and whatever it is don’t try to.

coworker: I told you I want an Asian girlfriend.

me: your ex was Laotian, that IS Asian.

coworker: but you know what I mean.

me: no I don’t.

coworker: She didn’t look Asian.

me: Lonnell just stop right now before you make me upset because my parents are from Laos.

coworker: I thought you were Chinese.

I can’t believe I work with this guy…

work on a Saturday, can’t say no to the money










Lmfao this video is life 



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He’s too fucking fine with his melanin challenged ass